Thursday, December 14, 2006

Chiang Mai: The Earthquake

As a bonus, so to speak, we had the privilege of experiencing Chiang Mai's first-ever earthquake, or rather, the first ever earthquake centred in Chiang Mai province itself and ours too, I might add.

It was past midnight. We were tucked up in bed at Tamarind Village, gawking at Thai TV, when we both heard the doors rattling and felt the bed shaking. It happened twice in quick succession. HM's first reaction was to blame the wind. I was doubtful. If it was the wind, surely the bed wouldn't be affected. Perhaps it was a big, make that VERY big, truck passing by outside the hotel compound. Shortly after, the power went out for a split second. Before we could even say "eh...", everything came back on. It happened so quickly and all was quiet at the hotel, so we didn't think twice about it and went to sleep.

We had forgotten all about it by the next morning and no one at the hotel even mentioned it. It was only when we were out on our day trip that day that we heard some of our tour mates discussing the "earthquake". How did they know, I asked. News reports on the Internet as accessed via PDA.

Earthquake - so that's what it was. 5.1 on the Richter scale and we thought it was the wind.


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