Friday, December 15, 2006

Chiang Mai: The City

We could see how Chiang Mai could be pretty, especially set against a mountainous backdrop.

view from our fourth floor suite at the Rydges

Unfortunately it suffers from developmentitis with symptoms such as...

wires, wires everywhere

too many official attempts to make things exciting, thereby obscuring the inherent advantages of the place

exploiting animals to make a quick buck ("Take photo pay money")

Thai sellavision! 'Nuff said.

Still, it was always possible to find beauty in the beast...

charming restaurants

Ratana's Kitchen appeared on Lonely Planet's list of recommended restaurants. It certainly looked lovely, especially by night, but it was a case of "too much food, too little time".

independent spirits

When we passed by this art gallery one night, we were entranced by the sound of a bluesy folksy jazzy voice singing the Carpenters' Superstar over the sound system. It was a most surreal moment. We found out later that it was only the radio playing but not before meeting the artist behind the gallery. (For those who must know, the singer was Bonnie Bramlett, we eventually found out.)

a genuine respect for history (FYI, a very learned monk who wrote important Buddhist tracts)

a certain je ne sai quoi (here's how you chope parking space Chiang Mai-style)

a love for cute: phone #1

a love for cute: phone #2

a love for cute: phone #3

where lovable ol' VWs go to retire

so Chiang Mai


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